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Brake fluid change, brake pads and brake repairs in Houghton Regis

Houghton Motors provides brake repairs on all brake parts including brake pads, discs, callipers and drums including changing or refilling brake fluid at our garage in Houghton Regis.

Having brake problems?

If you feel like your brakes aren’t working properly, we recommend that you get them looked at as soon as possible. Broken or faulty brakes can have a massive impact on your cars driving ability and can be a significant safety issue. If you need someone who can work with you to make sure that your car exhaust and breaks are in the best possible condition then Houghton Motors is here to help.

Book in for a brake repair and our team will visually inspect your brakes first to see if there is an obvious problem. If any repairs are needed we’ll contact you first and get your full approval. On top of this, we will also make sure that your car is suitable for being on the road as well. If we notice any issues that need repairing, or we think you should get looked at before an MOT is due, we’ll let you know. We won’t do anything without your full approval as these will just be recommendations.

With years of experience in the industry our team goes the extra mile so that you can have a reliable garage in the Houghton area that can provide repairs and services for you at affordable prices.

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Brake repairs at Houghton Motors

If your brakes are causing you problems or if you find that your car just isn’t working as it should then you know you can count on us to work on your brake repairs at Houghton Motors. We are always very happy to assist if you need to get a replacement brake pads, discs and brake fluid.

We pride ourselves on our garage values which are based on providing reliable services to our customers in Houghton at prices that suit any budget. When it comes to brake repairs, our garage is fully equipped and our mechanics geared up for expert advice and repairs on any make or model of vehicle.

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Book online for your brake repairs with Houghton Motors. If you’re not sure what work you need you can contact us by phone or by email at any time you need and we would love to hear from you if you have any questions or if you would like to get your car booked in with our team.

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