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Tyre fitting and repairs in Houghton Regis

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If you are located in Dunstable or the surrounding areas then visit Houghton Motors for tyres repairs, replacement and wheel alignment. Our garage has built up a reputation for being reliable and affordable for our customers in the area providing vehicle repairs and servicing.

If you think that you might need new tyres, or you just want peace of mind book online today and we’ll do your repairs the same day. When your car is brought to Houghton Motors, we’ll initially inspect each tyre for tread depth and safety to make sure that they are roadworthy. If we notice anything out of the ordinary, we’ll take a close look at wheel alignment, steering, and your brakes.

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Keep your tyres safe and legal

If any repairs are required to your tyres, or your tyres are over the legal tread depth of 1.6mm, then we’ll contact you and explain what needs to be done. We provide a wide range of tyres at different prices and of different brands so we can find the right tyres for you. We’ll recommend the best tyres and fit them in our workshop complete with valves and wheel alignment.

It’s imperative that your tyres are safe on the road, and it can be one of the main factors that vehicle’s fail their MOT. Prevent expensive repairs at your MOT test and get them seen to beforehand with Houghton Motors.

What else do you need to know about our team at Houghton Motors?

You should note that we will always do everything we can to make sure that you get the tyres you want and at a price you know you can afford. That’s why we stock a wide range of tyres in our garage. We provide tyre fitting and repairs for any make or model of vehicle. We can recommend a suitable tyre tailored to your vehicle or if you have a personal preference then you can let us know. If we don’t have what you require, we’ll always order it in and aim to get your tyres fitted the same day.

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